The Benefits of Gusbandry

The Benefits of Gusbandry

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The Benefits of Gusbandry

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  • Episode 5: Gaybies

    Jackie and River toy with the idea of having a baby; Jackie's mother makes a stunning revelation

  • Episode 2: Gay Not Gay

    Things take an unexpected turn on River and Jackie's first date.

  • Episode 3: FML (Part 1)

    River and Jackie make a pact to swap places in the dating world and make each other over for their new online profiles.

  • Episode 4: Gateway Gays

    Jackie and River take a revealing journey to the past while waiting out the effects of pot cookies Guest star: Paige McKenzie (Haunting of Sunshine Girl)

  • Episode 3: FML (Part 2)

    River and Jackie go on dates arranged by each other and wind up deepening their friendship in some unusually tawdry ways.

  • Episode 6: Exes

    Jackie & River run into their off-the-rails “exes” and decide to set them up, which has a surprising effect on their own relationship.

  • Episode 1: 40 & Sporty

    On her debaucherous 40th birthday, chronically underemployed serial relationship-killer Jackie Rosenblum meets magnetic dreamboat River Manning.

  • The Benefits of Gusbandry - Official Season One Trailer

    Highlights from Season One of web series The Benefits of Gusbandry.